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hydro jetting

Sometimes, traditional methods for unclogging a blocked sewer line are not strong enough to adequately clean chronically blocked sewer lines. That’s when it’s time to consider Hydro-jet Cleaning.

US Jetting has set the standard in the jetting industry for over 20 years. My jetter is capable of clearing thick roots, heavy grease, scale build up and any blockages in pipes ranging from 1″-24″ . With 4,000 psi at 18 gpm it doesn’t take long to rid of any debris in the pipe making the pipe look clean and to give it a better flow. Hydro-jetting should be part of your general maintenance to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Hydrojet Cleaning traditionally is good for unclogging sewage lines that have chronic blockage. Hydrojet has two significant advantages over the old, traditional “bore” method. First, it is much more powerful. This means that you will clear away all tree roots and clean off all the walls of the pipes making the drain much cleaner, dramatically reducing the chance of future blockage. Next, the Hydro-jet Cleaning method can access areas where the “bore” method cannot. With smaller nozzles, a Hydro-jet can be inserted into toilet bowls etc…without damaging PVC pipes. Contact our San Jose plumbers if you are interested in hydro jet cleaning.


"For our new water heater replacement, Lowe's contracted Economy Rooter and I could not be more happy to see George at my door .George is affable and very efficient. He explained all Codes and Permit tasks required to install a new heater and was very honest and upfront. I knew how much is it going to cost me and where each $ is being spent at. Excellent customer service and I would recommend them in a heartbeat." Read more Yelp reviews

- Paul M. in Fremont, CA

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